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Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School


Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School

Generals Athletics

Washington-Liberty High School

Camps and Clinics.

Youth Camp at W-L Summer 2019

August 13,14,15 8:30-11:30 am

See attached Flyer for details

Camps and Clinics

1 year ago

Mid Atlantic Camp 2019

MAFH Session Two

  • Sunday, 3:00pm EDT-6:00pm EDT  Ical event icon
  • July 21-25
  • Tag(s): Home  Field Hockey  

Beyond Sticks

See attached File


See attached File

Camps and Clinics

8 months ago

Swarthmore Summer Camp 2020

group registration, not individual
Deadline Feb 10, 2020 to get discount and assure spot up to 15...more than that will be in the group with available space
Email me once you have registered so that I can update numbers and request more if needed.
You now have reserved 15 spots at Swarthmore College July 22-25, 2020! 
We think we've made it an easy process to register a team. However, there is one hole in this system. Once you forward the details below to your players, there is no control or oversight to make sure everyone who has a spot reserved has signed-up by the deadline. Our goal is to have as many of your players who want to join us, join - AND we want them to receive the team discount. However, we do not want to turn other teams and players away while waiting for your team registrations that may or may not come.  
To meet these goals and create a sign-up incentive, we have designed a simple, but firm, Team Reservation Application Process. Please make sure your players understand the deadline and potential consequences (outlined below).
2) Make sure everyone applies for Swarthmore College, PA for week July 22-25, 2020.
3) At #2 in the initial registration process "PARTICIPANTS & OPTIONS", under "GROUP REGISTRATION", select "JOIN AN EXISTING GROUP". A drop-down should present Washington-Liberty Generals. Select this and continue (simple). Correct selection here will keep your team together and receive the discount. Do Not "REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL".
4) To receive the TEAM DISCOUNT (credited beginning of May, before May 15 when the final payment is due), you must register by February 10, 2020.
5) To guarantee your reserved spot at Camp, you must register by February 10, 2020.
If space is still available in this camp after February 10, 2020 – we will accept additional team players – but no discount will be offered. In addition, non-registered players risk losing their reserved team roster spot. We cannot guarantee a spot after this date. However, players are still welcome to join at any time as long as space is still available.
  • After February 10, 2020 your team reservation will sunset. The $35 TEAM DISCOUNT will not be available for those who sign-up after this date. Full price will be invoiced.
  • When your team reaches 12 registered players we will reduce each player's balance by $35. Note: a discount coupon code is no longer needed when applying. The $35. discount will be credited before May 15 when the final payment is due.
  • Tell rising high school players to use their high school name when applying.
After you forward the sign-up details to your players, we suggest sending us your team emails, and we will send timely reminders to them as we move closer to your deadline.
*** RECAP ***
  • Reserved for camp venue & date: Swarthmore College, PA, July 22-25, 2020
  • Reservation in team name: Washington-Liberty Generals
  • Reservation good until: February 10, 2020
  • Number of players reserved: 15 (contact us if your numbers change)
Let us know how we can help! As always, we appreciate your trust and support.  
World Camp USA Admin
PS: And please – when corresponding with the office, always include your team name and the camp you are attending. This helps us to quickly get the answer to any of your questions.

The Small Print:
$100. non-refundable deposit must be made by Team Reservation Due Date. Balance is due by May 15.

$35. per person Team (12 or more) Discount available for overnight campers: 


  • For 12 or more players registering with the same team by the deadline 
  • Sorry, this does not apply to Commuters
  • Discount does not apply to individuals registering separately or after team deadline
  • Balance due of $425. must be paid in full by May 15 to receive the full discount 


$560. Camp published price
$525. Team price with discount

CANCELLATION POLICY: The $100. deposit and registration fee is non-refundable. If players cancel 30 days or fewer prior to the start of your camp date - No monies can be returned - regardless of the reason. Injuries and illness included. Sorry. 
How to save your Deposit and Balance Payment: Players who cancel can transfer their roster spot to a new, yet unregistered, camp recruit without penalty. 
- The replacement application must be received within 14 days of the cancellation.
- We must be notified by the cancelling player or family, who will be taking their place. 
- The new recruit must register online.
- The new replacement recruit will pay the $100. deposit to the now cancelled player (not to us). 
- We will apply, or move, the original $100 deposit to the new recruits account.
- The new recruit will make any balance due payments through their personal account portal.

For more camp details go to:

Questions? email:

Beth Prange

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